Bye Bye Nicky…

Last Friday was Sebastian and Nicky’s last day…

Nicky worked at WAHAHA for about 7 months.

She is a kind and funny person.
We had a great time working together.

Thank you Nicky! We will miss you!!!
Hope you the best at new work place yo!

Sebastian, we will miss you too!
Hope you enjoyed Fukuoka and WAHAHA!!!
See you soon, here or in Germany!!!

Boris is baaaaaaack!!!

Pato-chan is baaaaaaaack toooooooo!!!



2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Nicky…

  1. Thank you everyone!! I had extraordinary memories made in WAHAHA with everyone that I met there. Leaving WAHAHA is not the end of story, but it is beginning of story. Thanks WAHAHA made my stay so unforgettable. I know you will be there for me wherever I am. The memories made from WAHAHA is my treasure forever!! See you very soon, in just 2.5 hrs needed.

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