Amakusa- a tiny island village 2 hours away from Fukuoka.

We rode on a bus with a bunch of japanese people that were really interested in drinking and eating sashimi and sea-urchins. The organizer of the trip made sure to have entertainment for the busload so he asked two of the guys going, that happened to be chinese, to explain interesting facts about the similarities/differences of the kanji in japanese and chinese.

The guy got up in front of the bus with a pad of paper and showed some kanji and explained them- after a while they offered some “prizes” (sweets mostly) for who could guess the meaning of the next kanji he was showing. Our school group had two people from Taiwan so we could have cheated but we didn’t. All the people were politely interested and involved.

We finally got to the destination which was a wooden building with tatami floor and we sat at tables waiting for the meal. In the meantime an old man explained about some sort of invention he was selling that consisted of a thin pvc tube with colored water inside.

Of course it is “special” water, and I didn’t get a clear answer on what was special about it other than it gives “power” to the wearer. Power of health, I believe. The guy talked for a long time and some of the older people fell asleep, but in everybody woke up when he explained about the small sized one that could be used on the penis with amazing ‘uplifiting’ effects. He came very close to giving us an actual demonstration. In the end quite a few people bought some of his ‘power’neckaces.

So then they brought out the huge platters of sashimi and bowls of sea urchins which a lot of people really go crazy for.  It doesn’t taste really strong, sort of salty but less than most caviar. The thing about it is that the spiny parts are still moving a little bit when it’s on the plate- sort of freaky.

Everybody ate a lot and drank a lot and had a good time. A 3 piece jazz ensemble then played for us and they were pretty good.
We didn’t have enough time to go dolphin watching so we took a quick visit to a spa nearby where we tried out a massage chair (very impressive).


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