Beach Party!!! YEY!!!!!

We joined Hola! International BBQ party on July 18th!!

Beautiful beach, nice music, good friends, and BBQ!!!
We really enjoyed it!! It was really hot, so it was nice to get in the water!!!

We played “Suica wari (watermelon splitting)”!!! Have you tried it before?
Suika wari is a popular beach game!
This is how you play it…
– Place the watermelon on the ground
– Put a blindfold on player
– Player is given a stick and disoriented by spinning
– Then the player tries to find and split the watermelon, helped by shouted hints from the others
– Only single whack at a time

After the game, we eat watermelon!!

After the suikawari, we enjoyed beach, sun, and BBQ!

Meat & Drinks! Yeah!!!!!


Fire dance,


We really enjoyed it!!!
It was a great beach BBQ party!! Thank you “Hola!” crew!!!

PS. Local TV program “mentai wide” crew joined us, so you will see us on TV soon!


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