Inokotsu Ramen?!

Fukuoka is really famous for Tonkotsu ramen and food stalls at night.
*Tonkotsu ramen…this broth is milky white and unctuous, it’s pork marrow bones and fat cooked for hours.

When I was kid, I thought ramen was just Tonkotsu Ramen. no miso ramen or shoyu ramen.
One time, I ordered ramen at Narita airport.
I was expecting to have Tonkotsu ramen there, but I got Miso ramen instead of Tonkotsu….
Anyway, I grew up in Fukuoka, so if I say ramen that means Tonkotsu rame!

Well, I was reading news and found an interesting article about ramen in Fukuoka.

One shop in Yukuhashi-shi has developed a unique noodle dish featuring wild boar broth!
That’s Inokotsu Ramen!!

Read about it here :


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