How people spend Christmas in Japan?

Christmas in Japan… December 25th is not a national holiday, unless it is on weekend like this year (yep. this year, Dec. 25th is on Saturday). People go to work and school on the day.

Although about 1% of the Japanese population is estimated to be Christian, Japanese people adopted many Christmas traditions. You see Christmas trees at home, people enjoy having Christmas parties around Christmas Day, and the big corporations lighting their buildings and the trees.
(The Japanese are good at finding things of interest from abroad and transform them into something that is uniquely Japanese)

For Japanese, Christmas Eve is the main event day.

Most of Japanese family celebrate Christmas Eve by eating a Christmas Cake and Fried chicken at home. Stores are selling Cakes and Chicken on the street and there are long line. There are loooong lines at KFC. Parents give present to children.

For couples, Christmas Eve has become a night for a romantic time together at fancy restaurants or hotels, and exchange presents. For singles, it is a day for the party. I guess it seems to be closer to the Western concept of St.Valentine’s Day.

How are you going to spend your Christmas Eve here in Japan?


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