Onisubeshinji on Jan. 7th!

We went to Onisube shinji on Jan.7th.

There were so many people at the shrine when we got there, and people/pets were putting an ornament on their head. Right after we joined the crowd, they put fire on the wood, and then carried the wood and started walking!

We followed the guys who carried the wood to the Onisubedo, and put the big fire.

It was really cold night, but it was good experience to be there.

Please check the below for what kind of festival we went ne.

What is “Onisube Shinji”? (Well, I got the information from Crossroad Fukuoka.)

It says “Onisube has been deemed an Intangible Folk Cultural Asset by Fukuoka Prefecture, and is also one of the Three Major Fire Festivals in Japan. Said to have been started by the great-grandchild of Sugawara Michizane, Sugawara Sukemasa, in 986AD, the ritual is also supposedly a means of negating bad luck and preventing fires. On January 7 of every year, a devil (the symbol of disasters which is called Oni) is driven into a structure on the Temangu Shrine ground called the Onisubedo. and then smoked out, figuratively destroying it. Many spectators gather at the the massive burning blaze every year to pray for the year’s happiness.
The highlight of Onisube comes at the end with the Hiwatashi (lighting of the blaze). A fierce battle ensues between the “subete” (who send smoke into the Onisubedo) and the “onikego” (who retaliate from inside the structure by pounding on the walls). Experience the vivid calls of “Oni ja, oni ja!” emanating from about 300 men and the sound of the walls being beaten!”


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