Kaiten (kurukuru) zushi

Have you visited Kaitenzushi (also called Kurukuru zushi) before?!
– Kaiten zushi is Japanese fast food restaurant where the plates with the sushi are placed on a rotating conveyor belt. The plates wind through every counter seats and tables, so customers can pick whatever they want to eat. Also, you can order from the menu.

I went to the Kappa zushi last night, and it was quite interesting.
At the Kappa zushi, you can pick sushi from the rotating conveyor belt.

The plates pass your tables like this, so take the plate you want to eat!

There is a display like this at each table, so if you don’t see whatever you want to eat on the rotating conveyor belt, you can place your order from touching this display. No need to call out the stuff. This makes much easier for ordering food ne? the problem was the display had only Japanese…i think…

After you place your order, the shinkansen will bring your foods. You can place just 4 orders for each time. This is because shinkansen only can bring 4 plates in one time. Take your plates from shinkansen and press red button next to the display, and then the shinkansen will go away!

Please try this out if you have a chance ne!

Kim 🙂


7 thoughts on “Kaiten (kurukuru) zushi

  1. ……Written on .The tourist promotion group of Oita City Japan came up with this clever advertising campaign in the airport using this conveyor sushi idea to promote their fresh and yummy sushi…Also this is a very interesting video clip from youtube.

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