Making Sushi!

WAHAHA students joined Otowa Sushi’s making sushi class in Tenjin, Fukuoka on Sunday (Mar.20th).

We learned how to make sushi roll, hand-rolled sushi and inari sushi.

Sushi roll(Makizushi), you have to use Makisu. Don’t for get to check the side of seaweed.
Put seaweed on Makisu and then you put rice and ingredients on that.
Then using Makisu, you roll them all.

Hand roll sushi (Nigirizushi), you take small rice and make small ball with your right hand.
Then choose Neta (sashimi) and put wasabi on it. Next step is put small rice ball on Neta and make a shape.

Inarisushi is fried bean-curd stuffed with rice. You need to cook bean-curd first though.

It was really interesting and everybody enjoyed it! Sushi was really yummy yo!!

Chef showed us how to cut up fish.
It was really amazing.

Have you ever tried making Sushi?
Come and join us next time!


3 thoughts on “Making Sushi!

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  2. …..With its rich coastline that offers many seafood options and rich plankton it is but natural that sushi should be the logical food. These dishes use sushi rice that has been seasoned with sweet vinegar. Look up information on sushi rolls and recipes to make vegetarian sushi.

  3. When we use the word Uramaki regarding sushi it means a kind of roll sushi which has rice outside the roll. In Uramaki the backside comes out on the surface of the sushi roll so we call this type sushi Uramaki .

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