Support Japan!

The 9.0-magnitude earthquake occurred near the northeastern coast of Japan on March 11
at 2:46 pm JST. That quake spawned extremely destructive tsunami waves which hit Japan.
The earthquake and tsunami caused extensive and sever damage in Northeastern Japan.
The Japanese national police agengy has confirmed 13,949 deaths, 4,938 injured, and
13,678 people missing across eighteen prefectures, as well as about 295,000 buildings
damaged or destroyed.
(Damage situation and Police countermeasures associated with 2011 Tohoku district. April 19.2011)

How You Can Help the Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Japan via @TIMENewsFeed

Click here for Earthquake and Tsunami Update

In these times of crisis everyone is searching for and doing whatever they can to help the people affected by the disaster.
The thought of “What can we do? How as a small Japanese language school in Fukuoka can we help?” appeared in our hearts. The result was an effort to convey to the survivors our desire to overcome this obstacle together and express our feelings of gratitude for concern and support received from the warm hearts of people from all around the world towards our nation.

From Fukuoka to the world, we send you a message of “Love & Hope”.

Smile Photos.


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