Kendo watching!

We all went to watch Kendo practice at East ward in Fukuoka.

Small children to Adults are practicing there from 19:00 to 20:30 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We were all surprised to see how they sit on the floor. They sat Japanese style and their sitting style was really beautiful.

After they greeted to the senseis, they started preparing for practice.
Before putting the mask, they put Tenugui on their head. I guess this is stopping the sweat and hair to fall over. 9 years old kids are doing it without having problem. That was really amazing.

They started practicing after putting all the protector.
Small kids wearing all the protectors.. it was really cute.
However, they did good job hitting and defensing themselves.
Their move was really fast. We were so amazed by their movement with the stick and protector.

This time, we just watched how they practice but we would like to join them for next time if we could!!

Kendo Kyoshitsu no minasan, Thank you!!


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