One Friday night…

We usually go out to eat dinner together on Friday night.

Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Japanese traditional Izakaya menu, and so on.

Last Friday, we went to one Izakaya across from WAHAHA. The place has good food, and the price is cheap as well. We all enjoyed sashimi, tebasaki, gyoza, edamame…. and more.

After we enjoyed our meal and company, we went to Karaoke!
It was Ricardo’s last day so we decided to go to Karaoke and have fun.

Everybody is looking for the song… you see how they are serious when they are finding their song!

Everybody sang a lot, I could listen German, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Korean and Japanese song. This is what I like going to Karaoke with students!

Also, we celebrate Aya-sensei’s birthday! Everybody sang “Happy Birthday” for her.
Omedeto Aya-sensei!!

We enjoyed our night.


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