Have you tried wearing Kimono?

Our students tried on Kimono and they really enjoyed Kimono fitting.
Do you know Kimono? Kimono is the national costume of Japan. Originally the word “kimono” literally meant “thing to wear”.

Kimono fitting at school

Li-san and Madhura-san wore Furisode, and Ro-san wore Haori&Hakama.
Those are formal Kimono, people wear them when they have some ceremony.

After taking a lot of photos, girls decided to try on Uchikake.
tried on Uchikake

Uchikake ( a full-length outer robe) was a garment worn by ladies of warrior or noble families on ceremonial occasions until the Edo period. Since that time it has come to be part of the traditional Japanese bridal costume.

Would you like to try on Kimono??


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