Yamakasa Festival in Fukuoka 2011

We all went to Yamakasa festival on July 15th.

Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival is held from July 1st to July 15th by Kushida Shrine in Fukoka-shi every year.

It’s said that the origin of this festival is attributed to the ritual took place to stop a bad plague spread through Hakata in 1241. Local residents carried a high-ranking priest around the town on a shelf and sprinkled holy water along the way.

Each day of the two-week festival period is marked by special events and practice runs, culminating in the official race that takes place the last morning before dawn (which called Oiyama). It starts from 4:59 in the morning. ( Many people comes to see the festival even it is really early.) 7 districts race through the streets carrying one-ton floats called kakiyamakasa.

When we planned to go to see Oiyama (last day), we decided to stay up all night and get there by 4:00am to look around.

We stayed at WAHAHA and had a great time together. Talking, eating, and drinking together can’t make things bad desho? ( Of course, I needed a good rest next day…)

Click the link for more photos. http://goo.gl/VOuAU

After we all enjoyed our time together, we moved to Hakata area for Oiyama!!

There were so many people!!

Well, there were so many people who came to watch Oiyama and many men who waited for their last day of the festival. We could feel their energy and warm wind.

When we got Kushida shrine, we couldn’t move anymore because of crowd… So we decide to move to other spot after seeing their kick off.

You could hear “Oisa, Oisa” during the race.

The finale… Yamakuzushi.

After the race, 7 teams went back to their districts. Some of teams still does Yamakuzushi.
Like the pictures above, they broke kakiyamakasa down after the race. It took only minutes to do that…

Are you interested in going to watch the festival next year?

See more photos: http://goo.gl/LywJF
Watch video : http://goo.gl/sslLo


One thought on “Yamakasa Festival in Fukuoka 2011

  1. After enjoying one of the nations premiere beer festivals for so many years I decided this year it was time to give back to it and spend a shift volunteering..Several months ago I submitted an and indicated I wanted one of the first shifts of the festival. After a few months of waiting I finally got a little green card in the mail confirming my shift..When I showed up the morning of the first day of the Brew Festival I was struck by just how many people had turned out to volunteer.

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