Kimono fitting and Tasting Matcha

We had 3 guests from Hawaii, Laos, and Philippines for our Kimono fitting and tasting Matcha activities last week.

First, they wore Furisode.
(Furisode is the most important kimono in a single woman’s wardrobe with its long flowing sleeves, richly decorative designs and beautifully blended colors. Sleeve length varies from full length (oburisode:105cm)
through medium length (chuburisode:90cm) to short

They all look beautiful desho!

After putting on Furisode, they tried making their own Matcha.

They did good job with making Matcha!!
When you taste Matcha, don’t forget to eat sweets. Otherwise, it will be a bit bitter.

We hope they enjoyed the activity!

Would you like to try our culture activities?
Please contact us if you have any questions!


One thought on “Kimono fitting and Tasting Matcha

  1. Mouseover load notes.Img ID 24105 Title Seijin ShikiYesterday was a public holiday known as Seijin no Hi or Coming of age day where those who have turned 20 are declared adults meaning they can now do SDV Smoke Drink and Vote . Mouseover load notes.Img ID 24111 Title Seijin ShikiThe girls wear a traditional garment known as Furisode which they normally rent.

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