Japanese Cooking Lesson.

Yesterday’s cooking lesson.

What we made?

– Decorated Somen
– Buta shabu Salad
– Tofu with miso paste
– Onigiri
– Shiratama sweets

It sounds yummy right?

It was really yummy yo.

First, we started cutting vegetable for Buta shabu Salad and Decorated Somen.
And then cutting Tofu, making Onigiris and Shiratama!!

What is Buta shabu salad?!
Maybe you heard of ShabuShabu. You dip Pork/Beef to the hot pot. After the color of meat changed, you eat with sauce. Buta shabu Salad is you put those meat on Salad. It’s simple ne.

What is Somen?
Somen is a kind of Japanese noodle that is especially popular in summer, we decorated some with vegetables, pork, egg, and etc.

Tofu = Hiyayakko?!
Yes, tofu is called hiyayakko when it become a dish itself.
Japanese people often eat Hiyayakko during Summer. Putting different kind of Yakumi like welsh onion, ginger, perilla leaves, etc.
Well, we had a Hiyayakko with miso paste.

Making onigiri was the most difficult part… Most of Japanese people can make Onigiri, and it looks like easy job… but it’s not for the beginner.

But they did a great job!!


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