Asahi Brewery in Fukuoka

We visited Asahi Brewery last week.

It is not that far to go there, but we had to take subway from Akasaka and transfer to train at Hakata station.

It was nice to have a short trip to Hakata-ku.

This is the brewrey…it was really close to Takeshita station.

When we got there, there were many people (around 50people?!) waiting for the tour.
The tour was from 3:00pm, so we just waited there till the tour start.

First, we watched video…

Second, followed the group.. the tour started!

go look around the brewery and get explanation about it.


there are so many things…. and we easily forget to follow the group….

Fukuyama Masaharu and…

Big Japanese Beer and…

The uniform made from recycled plastic bottle and….

In the end of the tour…

Yes, it’s tasting time!! We walked around about 40min. for this!


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