weeks ago….

we went to watch baseball game.

Did you know that you could watch pro baseball game here in Fukuoka?
Baseball is one of major sports in Japan. Many people love baseball.

Is it popular in your country? I met many European students who doesn’t know any rules about baseball.

Baseball season here is mid April to mid October, and after that League’s top three teams will play in the two-stage Climax Series.

Do you like watching baseball game?
Then you should come this time of season ne.

Personally, I am not a big fan of watching baseball game… But I will still enjoy my time at the stadium if I go to watch the game….

the reason is below…

It will be so hot to carry all drinks and walking around the stadium.
How can they give a big smile with that heavy drinks?!

then…7th inning

This is the most exciting time at the stadium!!


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