New Year Course 2012

This is about New Year Course 2012 at WAHAHA Japanese School.

New Year Course

Schedule :


26th (Mon) Class
27th (Tue) Class
28th (Wed) Class/Writing New Year Greeting card
29th (Thu) Class
30th (Fri) Outside lesson (Yanagibashi shopping arcade tour)
31st (Sat)  A Year-End Party@WAHAHA : Eating Japanese New Year’s special Dishes →Dazaifu


1st (Sun)  Home Visit
2nd (Mon)
3rd (Tue) Sanja mairi  (Lunch is included) ・New Year’s party
4th (Wed) Class/Kakizome
5th (Thu) Class/Kimono try on (Furisode, Hakama)・New Year tea ceremony
6th (Fri) Class/ Farewell party@WAHAHA

Notice: Course starting early/ or extending is available.

New Year Course 2012

Japanese New Year Activity….

・Nengajo ; Writing New Year Greeting card    2hours
Let’s send a new year greeting card to your family from Japan.
2012 is the year of Dragon in Chinese Zodiac.

・Yanagibashi shopping arcade tour     2.5 hour
We will look around Yanagibashi local shopping arcade.
Many special groceries and decorations for the New Year’s celebration.

・ A Year-End Party@WAHAHA Eating New Year’s Eve Soba
Toshikoshi Soba is traditionally eaten on New Years Eve in most areas of Japan,
a custom symbolizing of longevity.

・New Year Count Down Tour

・Home Visit (Over night) Transportation expenses are not included.
Let’s spend your New Year day with Japanese family.
・New Year’s party : We will celebrate 2012.

・Sanja mairi (Lunch is included) 3hours
There is a customs of visiting 3 shrines during New Year holiday period in Fukuoka.

・Kakizome 2 hours : Kakizome is to do the first calligraphy at the beginning of a year.

・Kimono try on (Furisode for female, Hakama for male)

・New Year tea ceremony 2 hours

・Farewell Party @WAHAHA

New Year Course

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