Do you live in Fukuoka??

For Fukuoka Residents…

Information for local students:

WAHAHA is especially offering lessons for foreign people who are living around the Fukuoka area.

60 minutes / lesson JPY2,500

* We will do our best to fit your requests.

* Please contact us for lesson schedule and lesson contents.

* Admission Fee for first time is ¥10,000

* We also accept application for groups.

– The tuition fee and number of persons can be negotiated. – An out-call instructor can be arranged to provide lessons at your workplace, household, etc.


Intensive Japanese Lesson – A training program that connects “reading”, “writing”, “listening” and “conversation”. Our unique program brings solid results within a short period of time. This course is suitable for people who are serious about learning Japanese. → Standard Course

Japanese Business MannerBusiness Class

Checking CV for your job hunting – We offer a Japanese CV checking service for job hunting in Japapn. Our face-to-face CV checking service will ensure a suitable, accurate CV for those seeking employment in Japan. Through in-depth discussion, we can ensure your CV meets the specific needs of today’s Japanese employers.  1hour ¥2500

Counseling and Assistance – We can accompany you to provide on-the-spot interpretation at banks, public institutions, etc… even while shopping.

4 hour¥5,000、8 hour¥9,500

Our in-house specialist can help you design a personalized financial plan, as well as provide advice on Japan’s social security system, insurance programs, and taxation. Consultation in English is available.* 1hour ¥3000

* English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese languages available.


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