Kanji 漢字

“How did you learn Kanji?”

“When I was kid you mean?”


I had this conversation so many times.

How did I learn Kanji?

Also, I ask “How did you learn Kanji?” to people from Chinese speaking country.

the answer is “drills and repetition”.

Yeah, that’s what we did here as well in Japan.

I was thinking how we learned Kanji in Elementary school.
At first grade, we did not know what kanji is or kanji’s meaning….

so I learned kanji from picture/drawing like the link blow. of course, my teacher or mom’s drawing were not that nice. but she always draw picture and show us how we have a kanji now. so I could learn the meaning as well…


This is how I learned Kanji.

How about you? How did you learn Kanji??

Please tell me your tips for learning Kanji!!

by Kim :)

PS. these are links about learning kanji.

Check and learn Kanji for JLPT

Flash cards

How to learn Kanji tips


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