Dec.30, 2011… outdoor activity!

Dec.30th was the last day of the class in 2011, so we decided to go outside!

We all went to Okonomiyaki & Monjayaki restaurant first.

Students tried making their own okonomiyaki and monjayaki. Most of students had okonomiyaki before but not monjayaki.

Monjayaki looks not that good, but tastes good!!

We all enjoyed our okonomiyaki and monjayaki!!

After we finish eating, we talked about Japanese New Year, Festival, and culture.

What Japanese do, What Japanese eat and Why, and Where Japanese go and Why on Omisoka(Dec.31st) and Gantan(Jan.1st).  There are so many customs and tradition during New Year.

Before Omisoka (Dec.31st), Japanese people go shopping for New Year’s food and  decoration. So we all went to see what people are buying, etc..

There were so many people buying crabs, fish….wow!

Vegetables and fish Japanese eat during New Year will be different from which part of Japan you stay. It will be interesting to see the difference. The pic below is Hakata Style New year’s decoration!

More pictures :

I think you can see many Japanese custom and tradition during New Year. Visit Japan for New Year if you have chance!!


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