Have you tried Tempura before?

There is one good tempura restaurant near WAHAHA called Rakutenan. You should try once when you are near by. It’s one of my favorite restaurants here.

Of course, there are few nice and cheap other tempura restaurants.  But this place is more like you can eat your tempura with your pace and no rush. You can enjoy your company and food same time.

This is your table.  The pot in the middle, you make your own tempura with it.

1. Dip into batter

2. Put it into the pot (be careful, it’s really hot!!!)

3. Wait for a bit. (check the color of the batter)

4. EAT!!

It’s really easy and fun.

Also, the tempura is really good coz you eat it right after fried it.

Ask for English order sheet if you don’t really know vege’s, meet’s, and fish name.

This is the link of Rakutenan.



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