WOW. It’s really cold today.

WAHAHA is located in the Tenjin area of downtown Fukuoka, the center of business, economy, administration, transportation, and culture for Kyushu Island. Kyushu Island which is the third largest island of Japanand most southwesterly of its four main island.

Yes, south!! Not like Okinawa, but still south side!!

We have snow in winter, but usually doesn’t stay around Tenjin…but this morning…

This photos were taken in front of WAHAHA this morning… Now it’s almos 11:00 am and can see sunshine. but…my iphone shows me the temperature….

0℃! yes, 0℃!

We are in Fukuoka, right? I thought Fukuoka is not that cold!!

Yes, we are in Fukuoka…. now we have real winter here………………. (> <)



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