Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki.

Before Golden week starts, we had Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki party at WAHAHA.

Cheap and Good food, right?!

Moritz cutting NEGI for Okonomiyaki.

Shizuno and Larissa mixing Okonomiyaki-ko and vegetables.

Getting prepared for Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki all together!

Getting ready to eat!

It was really good… after this, we forgot to take photos…. hahaha.

Some more photos are on our facebook page.



4 thoughts on “Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki.

  1. So after class, I finally met Mako!! We went near Hirakata station and did purikura together. They came out awesome!! Hahaha. Then we went and had okonomiyaki, which means ‘fried whatever-you-like.’ Legit. But they are sort of like Japanese cabbage pancakes. I don’t know exactlyyy what’s in them, but they are basically cabbage, and egg, and what looks like cottage cheese but is probably some sort of batter, and bonita flakes but your ‘whatever you like’ thing. Of course I chose IKAAA (squid). And then we had yakisoba on the side, which is essentially just fried soba noodles, sort of like lo mein. And the coolest thing about this is that you have like a little grill in your table which is where they cook all of your food. So the waiter brough out a bowl and mixed it all together in front of us and then dumped it out and came back every so often to flip it over and then tell us when it was done! So awesomeee.

  2. I had an interest in Asian culture in general starting in high school, and from my university days onward I poured my efforts into studying Japanese language, literature, history and culture. I was driven by the need to be different from the America I saw around me, which to me seemed to be falling apart little by little. I studied at Waseda in Tokyo while living with my host family in Nippori, and I grew ever more fascinated with everything about Japan. Upon returning to the United States to finish my studies, I knew that I was only killing time before going back to Japan after graduation. I ended up crossing back over here without any job, stuck in the intolerant, backwater town of Toyama (a place I will never return to), and eventually I made my way to Osaka and subsisted on instant ramen and instant yakisoba until I found my first real job.

    • Glad to hear that you found your real job and no more instant ramen and yakisoba! Those are good for sometime ne 🙂 What is the most you love about Japan? I like to ask this question to the people I met. I am Japanese grew up here, and people’s answer makes me realize new way of viewing about Japan!

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