Coocking Lesson at WAHAHA!

Last Friday, we had Japanese cooking lesson here at WAHAHA Japanese school.

We all had a good time and really good food.

Menu :

Tororo meshi (とろろ飯): grated Japanese yam with miso on the rice.

Nikumaki (肉巻き) grilled chicken roll with vegetables in it.

Nikuzume (肉詰め) grilled stuffed vegetables

Kiriboshidaikon (切干大根) : cooked thinly sliced daikon radish and other veges

Sald (サラダ)

Sashimi Konnyaku (刺身こんにゃく):Sashimi Konjac

Pickles (漬物) : Japanese pickles

We really had many dishes yo.

It’s fun to cook with other people and eat together.

We are having next cooking lesson on Jun.18th. Would you like to join?

Check photos here! :


One thought on “Coocking Lesson at WAHAHA!

  1. We got to the JR station, bought a 1080yen ticket (so expensive!), and waited forever for the train because we were at such a remote station. Some of the Japanese students went somewhere else, an amusement park or something, I don’t know. Eventually we got to Kanayama around 12 or 1 and people wanted to stop for lunch. Some people went ahead home but I wanted food too. We went to a place in the station called 赤いから, which translates to ‘Red Hot’. I got a really simple (but it turned out to be huge!) meal of slightly spicy chicken over rice, but it came with soup, pickles, and some salad. All for 680 yen, not bad!

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