Cooking lesson!!

We had cooking lesson last Friday.

What did we have this time?!?!?!?!

We are all cooking at WAHAHA!

Looks like everybody had a mission to complete, isn’t it?

Well, this time we cooked

“Tofu hamburg, Inari-sushi(fried bean curd stuffed with boiled rice), Mentaiko onigiri(rice ball with seasoned cod roe), Udon salad, Cooked Hijiki (seaweed) with other vegetables, and grilled beef and vegetables”

Yep, we cooked many dish!

Everybody listening to our cooking instructor talks about the dishes we cooked!


Before we finish all the dish,

We all had good time and good food!!!

Next time will be July 27 th.

Who is joinning?


Check all the photos from the link below:


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