What is Hitsumabushi?!

I had Hitsumabushi the other day. It was really good!

Have you ever tried Hitsumabushi?

Or any eel?!

Eel is really popular here in Japan, and it is called Unagi here.  Summer time, people love to eat unagi. It is because of  there is an old saying that when you eat eel on “Doyo no Ushi” Day (18 days before the first day of autumn, on the day of the Ox, from the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac), then you won’t suffer from natsu-bate(summer lethargy).

This year’s Doyou no ushi no hi is July 27, 2012. I guess many people will eat Unagi that day.  Usually, popular eel dishes are Unaju and Unadon.

Well, Hitsumabushi is similar to those dish but a bit different from that.

What is the difference?!?!

Well„„„ the way of eating is different.

Unaju (Broiled eel on rice): you eat as Donburi.

Hitsumabushi: you can enjoy this dish three ways,and broiled eel are cut in small pieces.

1. You eat like you eat Unaju(donburi).

2. You put Yakumi (herbal vegetables)and eat.

3.  You pour Tea or Soup on it and eat as chazuke.

Hitsumabushi is invented in Nagoya in Meiji era. so Hitsumabushi is not really popular here in Fukuoka. We usually have Unaju (broiled eel on rice) or Seiromushi (made by placing broiled eel, thin-sliced fried egg over rice covered in sauce,and steaming it in a bamboo steamer.)

If you like eel, try all different dish!


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