Cooking Lesson at WAHAHA!!

We had cooking lesson on Friday, and had a good time & good food!

Many people joined us, thank you everyone!

The menu was below…

Goya champloo : It’s famous as Okinawan local food.  Goya is bitter gourd and it’s a summer vegetable. We stir-fry goya wiht ham, egg, and ohter vegetables. Champloo means “mix”.

Inarizushi : Inarizushi is fried bean-curd stuffed with boiled rice.

Buta shabu salad : It’s a salad with thin sliced pork dipped and lightly waved around a couple of times in boiling stock on top of salad. We had sesame dressing to go with.

Nasu no hasamiyaki : stuff minced meat between sliced eggplant, and stir-fried.

Tori no Nitsuke: chicken boiled with soy sauce

Tokoroten:gelidium jelly(cut into noodle-like strips and eaten cold, with a sweetened vinegary sauce)



more photos→


2 thoughts on “Cooking Lesson at WAHAHA!!

  1. Desho! All the food was really good yo 🙂 We will have another cooking with locals this month, so for the photos, stay tuned! And, join us when you have a chance!!! What kind of ramen did you get? We eat Tonkotsu Ramen here in Fukuoka/Kyushu area!

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