Testimonial from Sam!

Sam sent us his review about Working Holiday Course!

Thank you Sam!


Samuel Moss: Auckland, New Zealand.
February 2012 – March 2012.

I came to Fukuoka Japan on a working holiday looking to indulge in Japanese culture and enjoy the experiences of living abroad.
Before coming to Japan I thought to myself, part of the experience of living abroad is to learn the language. Furthermore after I did some research I quickly discovered that finding a job in Japan will be tough especially if my Japanese level was next to zero.
So I began to research Japanese language schools in the Fukuoka area. I found WAHAHA language school and decided to study with WAHAHA for several reasons: firstly they were reasonably priced and slightly cheaper than the other schools I researched, secondly they were located in a very convenient location. Being located in Akasaka they were close to both Tenjin (the main shopping district) and my apartment.
Thirdly and probably the most important for me, was that they had a ‘Working Holiday Program’.
I began studying at WAHAHA as soon as I arrived in Fukuoka and was greeted by a very friendly atmosphere, with friendly and helpful teachers.
The classes were very engaging and although sometimes hard, they were always fun.
In the 6 weeks I studied at WAHAHA I learned more Japanese than I ever imagined.
I enjoyed my experience with WAHAHA completely. They often organised social events for us, from traditional cooking classes to going to a bar or restaurant together. I made many new friends at WAHAHA.
Because of WAHAHA’s friendly atmosphere we became like a family I am welcome at school anytime and even now to this day I still see fellow students and teachers outside of school, even though I graduated already.
The best thing about WAHAHA was that when I joined the “working holiday program” they said they would assist with job finding once I graduated and they came through.
WAHAHA helped me find my current job of teaching English at a Eikawa English school.
They also led me to smaller jobs on the side such as proof reading and Bar tending, by introducing me to the right contacts and recommending me.

Overall my experience at WAHAHA was great, I learnt a lot, made new lifetime friends and found my jobs through them under the “working holiday program”

I would recommend WAHAHA to anyone wanting to come to Japan to study Japanese.


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