Japanese card games and movie

We had movie/card game night on Friday with Japanese people.

We watched “My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ)” and played card called “Hanafuda”.

Have you played or seen Hanafuda before? (I am sure you would know if you like Japanese yakuza movie…they are using hanafuda for gambling…)

Hanafuda : There are 12 suits representing each months and also designated different flowers.


People play cards here (we say “play trump”) , but not that many people play hanafuda.  So there were Japanese people who don’t know how to play hanafuda and learned with WAHAHA students.

There are one interesting to know and watch… which was…. how to shuffle cards.


Japanese people and WAHAHA students had different way of shuffling cards.  interesting ne… so everybody tried shuffling card Japanese way.  We will try it together when you visit here!   We will have another event like this on Sep.14th (Fri).

After playing cards, we went to get something to eat and drink.

and then…..


enjoyed conversation!



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