We went to Kurume-shi on Sunday.

Kurume-shi is about 30min away by express train from Fukuoka-shi.

Seeing map seems like much far away, but with train it was not that far. just 30 min!!

First, we all went to “Kourasan” the shrine on the mountain. Many people were walking up to the shrine, but we took a car…


but last stairs, we walked… i mean run up?!


After we got there, we cleaned ourselves and made a wish.


There were also nice view point.

After Kourasan, we visited a Dojo for Kendo and Jo.

We couldn’t really join them, but still could hold Shinai, fake sward, and real sward and etc.

Everybody there was nice and let us touch their tools and gave us some lecture.



After Dojo, we all moved to Onsen and had dinner first.

then Onsen!

It was their first time to get into the onsen, so other our friend helped us.

After the onsen… at the front gate…Image

Yes, they loved Onsen.

They were telling me they are going back there again!


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