JLPT practice test at WAHAHA Japanese School

Are you thinking to take JLPT?

We are doing practice test on Nov.17th (Sat) at WAHAHA Japanese School.

Please join us if you would like to try!

Date : November 17th (Sat)

Time: 10:00 ~ 18:00 ( final start at 15:00)

Level: N1, N2, N3, N4, N5

You will be provided with feedback regarding your score (60min.).

Price: ¥2,000

Please book your seat by Nov.16th(Fri)

To book with us directly please send us your details below.

– Your Name

– Contact info

– Level

– Prefferred time for your practice test

Contact : Tel: 092-737-2288 / Email: info@wahahajapaneselanguage.com

Level Test sections:Test time
N1 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary/Grammar)・Reading:110min.:Listening:60min. Total:170min.
N2 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary/Grammar)・Reading :105min.:Listening:50min. Total:155min.
N3 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary):30min.(Grammar・Reading):70min.:Listening:40min. Total:145min.
N4 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary):30min.(Grammar・Reading):60min.:Listening:35min. Total:125min.
N5 Language Knowledge:(Vocabulary):25min.(Grammar・Reading):50min.:Listening:30min. Total:105min.

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