Translation course

Translation Course (Japanese-English, English-Japanese)This is a course aimed at Japanese language students whose goal it is to work in the translation industry in the future. This hands-on course is taught by experienced professional translators with a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills required in everyday translation. Students will benefit from strengthening their all round Japanese language ability and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed as a professional translator. The course also includes invaluable work experience at a translation company.

Target Learners

English speaking Japanese language learners JLPT N2 or above

Course Duration – 1 month

Course Dates

Course to be held three times per year to coincide with long vacations in target learners’ countries. Initial course to coincide with summer holidays in Australia and New Zealand.

November 26th – December 21st

January 7th – February 1st

– to be confirmed

Class Details

Maximum of 5 people per class 3 hours per day (subject to change in the case of special guest lecturers) Additional classes and private classes may also be arranged

Course Fee

1 month  JPY150,000 (doesn’t include cost of course materials or enrollment fee)

Course Contents

Japanese Skills

– Concentrating of improving upper intermediate reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills Japanese current affairs Exploring nuances in Japanese expression Research methods

Translation Skills

1. Reports & Essays

2. Novels-style

3. Business documents translation

4. Contracts

5. Instruction booklets

6. Letters

7. Advertising

8. Newspapers

Practical Application

– Practical translation

– One day work experience at a translation company


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