Testimonial from David san!

We received testimonial from David san!!


David Marks: UK.

October 2012.

There are many factors which make me very happy to recommend Wahaha:

1. Your student-led approach. Your first question is always: what do you want to get out of your time at Wahaha? You have the needs of the student in mind, rather than say, how do we fit the student into our structure?

2. The quality of your teaching. I found the standard of teaching very high. I was also struck by your efforts to maintain continuity between teachers.

3. Your hospitality. School didn’t stop at 5.30pm. You were always on hand to support your students and I saw how you helped one of my fellow students who was facing some personal difficulties during his stay. You also devote considerable time and effort to events outside of school and think through what could be of specific interest to individual students. I was a particular beneficiary here – your introduction to the Fukuoka art world led to one of the more extraordinary experiences of my stay.

4. People keep coming back. I met a number of your repeat students, some of whom had been at other schools in Fukuoka and who rated yours much higher.


Thank you so much, David san!!!!!


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