August and fireworks

July is over, and for Fukuoka, it means the 10 hottest days of the year are about to start. But, personally, I love this period for one reason: fireworks. In this kind of heat, there is nothing like going out in the evening in a traditional yukata and drinking beer (or uroncha) with friends while the fireworks are going on for one hour.

Tonight’s Fukuoka fireworks, the 第54回西日本大濠花火大会 (54th Nishinippon Oohori fireworks show)., with 6,000 rockets, is not very big by Japanese standards (The Gomangoku festival fireworks in Aichi sees around 70,000 (!)) but its location in Oohori-park in the middle of the city, makes up a lot for it. If you manage to find a place not far from the pond, the reflection on the water of the fireworks is one of the best sight to enjoy in Fukuoka in August.

Wahaha will of course go there tonight, like every year. See you there if you are in Fukuoka, if not, here is a presentation video video of last year’s event, until you can finally see it with your own eyes!



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