Salsa and JLPT

This summer in Fukuoka has been really hot!The temperature hasn’t dropped below 34 for a month now. It is in this kind of situation that you really appreciate Fukuoka’s location, which allows you to go to the sea really, really fast. Case in point, we met today at Akasaka, took the subway to Muromi, took a bus to the ferry terminal, and 10 minutes later we were on Nokonoshima, an island famous for its flowers. Total time to get there from the center of the city: 35 minutes (had to rush a bit as the ferry was about to leave, though).

We went there for the salsa festival that takes place every year. Not that dancing the salsa comes close to mind when you study in Japan, but spending time on the beach is always  nice!

I really appreciated the Didgeridoo performance offered. It was quite unexpected in a supposedly latino festival, but, well… Japan! And it was much better than what I heard on Sydney’s streets!



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