The JLPT is over, long live the JLPT!

Hello everyone!

The results for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (日本語能力試験)have been out since yesterday, and we are very happy to hear so many good news from our students (special mention to Rin-san, who did not take the JLPT but could finally get the results of his future job entrance examination in Taiwan on the same day and celebrate with us)!

And as we celebrate, it is already time to think about the next one. The 2nd session of the JLPT 2016 will take place on December 4, and registration will be possible between the 1st and the 30th of September.

Of course, Wahaha is readying for it too, and we are happy to announce that our JLPT course will soon start!

We will offer group lessons once a week every Thursday (7-8:30 PM) from September 8 for the N2 level and every Tuesday (7-8:30PM) for the  N3 and N1 levels.

The price? 25,000 yen for 10 lessons, enrollment and material fees included!

The first lessons (Sep.8 for N2, Sep.13 for N1 and N3) will be a free trial with no engagement,  so contact us quickly for more information or to make your reservation!

JLPT Prep for WAHAHA Website (1)


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