Nokonoshima and the Cosmos

Aah, I love Nokonoshima. It is one of the treasure of Fukuoka. It takes roughly 30 minutes to get to the ferry port from Tenjin/Hakata with a bus and there are ferries every hour. In summer, there are places to swim and enjoy the beaches. In October, it is mostly famous for the cosmos flowers, beautifully arranged in the flower park. Cosmos not only have one of the best name ever for a flower but they are also beautiful and have a very nice fragrance (by the way, the official kanjis for コスモス are 秋桜, “Autumnal cherry blossom”).

We went to see them yesterday, and the weather was wonderful!  We had some Japanese volunteers, and we are glad we could introduce the beauty of Nokonoshima to Sayuri-sensei, our usual cooking teacher.

The flowers are a bit late this year, probably because of the hot summer we had, but please go see them in one or two weeks; I know many of us will go again!20161010_073145


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