Only one month left before the JLPT!

Hello, how are your JLPT preparations going?

The December JLPT is the hardest to prepare properly for, as it comes right after summer (or so it seems anyway), and there is so much to prepare for! Studying Japanese is like climbing hills, as soon as you reach the top of one you can see a bigger one right in front of you.

I have often met people who assume that having the N1 means that your Japanese is perfect, or at least as close as bilinguism as it can be. But… no. Far from it actually. Probably though, you can just get a glimpse as how big the mountain actually is.

This for me is actually the main point of the JLPT. Just like stations on the Fujisan climbing route, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a goal that can be achieved in the short-medium term. But do not assume that you will reach the top because you reached the last station!

Right now, we have many students preparing for the JLPT, be it N4 or N1. みんな、頑張ってください!


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