Wahaha’s Spring and Summer Courses

Hello! Here is the time to recap all our available courses for this spring and summer!

  • The translation Courses. These courses are aimed at Japanese language students whose goal it is to work in the translation industry in the future. Highly experienced teachers and professional translators will instruct participants on practical translation skills. This course will also improve students’ Japanese abilities. This course is made of 60 hours of instruction in a month and has two set dates: March 6, 2017 and July 18, 2017.


  • The Manga Course is two weeks long, and includes Japanese lesson and 12 hours of manga drawing under the direction of a professional mangaka. The manga course is available during the whole month of June.


  • The summer course  is available from June 1 to August 31, and includes both normal Japanese lessons and various cultural activities. The course automatically includes a 20% discount for any reservations made before May 1st!

More details, and contact forms are available on our website!


End of the New Year Course

Again, a very happy new year to everyone! We ended the New year course this week-end in the most spectacular way, with one of the big 3 fire festival, at the Daizenji of Kurume!

It was rainy, but it did certainly not dampen the atmosphere, though we felt sorry for people running in the rain with only a loincloth. However, you understand the point of the loincloth very well when the huge torches are lit!


A tradition of more than 1,500 years, the “tsuina” (exorcism ceremony) starts at around 7PM with men carrying around torches. For the less religiously inclined of us, the most impressive moment comes at around 9PM, when 6 huge torches are lit  and carried around the ground of the shrine, with not a few “aaah” when the bearers lose their balance!

Happy New Year from Fukuoka!



2016 has been a good year in Wahaha, we wish all of you to have a fantastic year, and good luck with your Japanese!