Geshuku Tomo


March 15th, Kim and Peter went to Tomo’s Party.
We took some photos of TOMO, so you can check what it is like.

Accommodaition ‘TOMO’

Tomo is like a Boarding House.

(Quite similar to being in a home stay, this accommodation style provides a homely environment. Feel like a family with other lodgers. The matron of house provides the warmth of a mother offering advice if you have any problem. Breakfast and Dinner are optional at JP¥300 for each meal.)

This is the link to the TOMO’s website.
It is written in Japanese, but you can see some photos of TOMO’s member.

Geshuku TOMO

If you want to make Japanese friends during your stay, TOMO is the best place.

It is bit far from school, but it is worth!!