Hakata Toumyou lantern art festival!

Last Saturday, we went to see Hakata toumyou lantern art festival.

It is a festival of lantern lighting up at the various area in Hakata. This year’s festival was bigger than before.  We could see lantern arts at many places like Kushida shrine, Touchouji, Shoutenji, Bayside place, and elementary school in Hakata.

We walked around Hakata area.


It was really pretty. We all enjoyed looking around temples and lantern arts. Yes, we could get in to the temple which is not open to public. That was cool.

Also, we could see people wearing kimono and geisha make-up parading on the street.


Would you like try on Kimono and make-up???

New Year 2013 schedule!

Are you planning your trip to Japan during Winter holiday?

This is what we will be doing from 12/24/2012 to 1/13/2013.

No Class at WAHAHA from 12/29/2012 to 1/6/2013.

However, there will be a variety of New Year’s activities for all students during this time!

Ohori fireworks festival!

Ohori fireworks festival is like a tradition for Fukuoka people.

It is because every year we have fireworks festival on Aug. 1st at Ohori park.

WAHAHA students went to see it with Emi sensei and Madoka san.


So many people go there to see fireworks and get together with friends for drinking and eating under fireworks.

Come over here in August if you want to see fireworks!!

Many fireworks and other festivals in summer!

Yamakasa festival in Fukuoka!

Yamakasa season started. I saw one of “KAZARIYAMA” at Hakata station last night. This float’s size is about 8meters tall, and you can see these KAZARIYMA at a variety of sites throughout the city during the festival (Jul.1 to Jul 14).

The floats people carry are called “Kakiyama”, these floats are used in the race(July 15). They weigh about 1ton.

This Hakatayamakasa started about 750years ago.

You can read about the history and schedule of this festival below.



I went to see the final race last year. and We saw the group which destroyed the float…that was crazy!

Link for the final race and after the race.



Hanami 2012

We went to Hanami on Saturday.

It was really cold day, but Sakura was really beautiful.

We got together around 2pm, and had drinks and food under Sakura Tree.


Sounds nice desho?


Sakura in Dazaifu.

Hope you had a good hanami weekend too!

more photos at http://goo.gl/oe9cK

Hanami Party is one of Japanese Culture.

After sitting under sakura tree, they won’t move. They will sit there for hours and hours, drinking sake and eating food.

I think Hanami is one bit of excuse to drink sake from early morning or afternoon. :p hahaha.