Sweet gift!

Sweet gift!

Stephanie brought us doughnuts!!

Cute doughnuts ne? Also, there is a cute snowman candle with doughnuts!

Thank you sooooo much, Stephanie!

We all enjoyed coffee break at school yo 🙂

B.B.Q. at Odo-park!

Yasu san organized B.B.Q. party, so we joined him on Sunday!

It was really hot and humid day, but nice to have summer activity desho?


Odo-park is not really far from the city, but it’s pretty and big park beside sea. Many people were having good time with family and friends there.


Of course, we had a great fun too!  Eating, Drinking and chatting with good friends makes us happy desho!

There were many food yo! meat, veges, tofu, yakisoba, and even Tempura!!!


Thank you Yasu-san for organizing this B.B.Q. event!!!


We all had a good afternoon together!

lunch at ShabuZen.

Last Tuesday, we all went to Lunch at SabuZen.

Have you been to ShabuZen for ShabuShabu?

Lunch time, they have some special set menus and not that expensive.

What did I have? Of course, SHABUSHABU set menu!!

You can’t see any beef there, right.  Beef you just need to SHABUSHABU for few second!!

We all enjoyed our food and company.

Lionel is going back to France, that’s why we all went to lunch together.

Have a safe trip, and see you soon!

PS. It’s nice restaurant, give it a try!

Lunch at French restaurant!

We went to lunch at La Poutriere on Friday.

Food was really good!

The price was 1575 yen for one.

Good deal, right?

If you go to dinner there, then it would be much expensive than that!

Beer time?!

Last Friday, we went to dinner together.
(well, I forgot to take photos…I was too hungry to do that!)

After finishing our dinner, we head out to Reisen Park.

for what?!?!


Okotber fest started last Friday at Reisen park!!


You can drink German beer, eat German style food, and listen German songs.

It was raining but there were many people!

In the tent…

chatting, listening music, dancing all together!

you should be there before 21:00, otherwise you can’t see the performance.

It was fun!

Beer was expensive though…