To people who live in Japan already.

ImageThis campaign is for foreigners who already live in Japan.Save up to 30%* on your “Summer Intensive Japanese Lessons”

*discount ratio will be depending on your study length

Special discount is available to students who apply with friends.

– Course Starting date : Every Monday from Aug.6 to Sep.17. 2012

– Course Duration: 2 weeks ~

– Course Feature: From Monday to Friday, 3 lessons/day (1 lesson: 60 min)

After a level check test on you first day of school, your class will be determined.

Usually, 2 to 3 people in the class.

This campaign is applied to students who will be taking lessons in August and September in 2012.


Working Holiday Course

learn about how to write japanese cv!

We had a lesson about “how to write Japanese CV” and “The point you have to know when you going to job interview here in Japan”.

Our Japanese school has “Working holiday course” and who joined this course will get these lesson before you start looking for job here in Japan.

The students on photo are from Taiwan who hold working holiday visa.

Are you thinking about coming to Japan with working holiday visa?

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Are you interested in Japanese language and Japanese culture and planning to spend sometime in Japan?

Fukuoka will be a good city to spend your holiday.

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Fukuoka is a city blessed with a great environment and graded as number 1 or 2 as one of the city most Japanese wish to live in. Convenience, delicious food, lower cost of living(compared to other Japanese cities), warm and friendly people are some of the factors that will make you fall in love with this city!

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Summer Course 2012 ♪

I know some people started thinking about summer vacation!

Here is our Summer Course details. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Join us for some Japanese lesson and Japanese culture experience!!

Summer Course in Fukuoka Japan! Join us for studying Japanese in Fukuoka, Japan.

– Location : Fukuoka, Japan
– Course Starting date : Every Monday from Jun. 4 to Aug. 31. 2012
– Course Duration : 4 weeks ( Standard course can be extended on a weekly basis. )
– Course Feature : Japanese Traditional Culture Activities & Japanese Language Learning
– Accommodation : We can arrange your accommodation.

Fee including :

・ Standard Course (20 lessons) ・ 4 Culture lesson ・ 2 School parties
・ 2 Activities (Baseball game watching, Manga spot tour, visiting beer brewery, etc.)
・ Tour to the ancient city of Dazaifu (lunch included) ・ 1 weekend homestay
・ Going to an event in Fukuoka (Yamakasa festival, Fireworks, B.B.Q., etc.)

A specially designed Japanese Language Course!

A course that combines the excitement of experiencing Japanese culture while learning the language.

Summer Course in Japan. Come join us for studying Japanese.

Please request an estimate with accommodation you would like to stay!
– Private apartment – Dormitory – Shared apartment – Host-family – Bording house

New Year at WAHAHA 1

What did you do during New Year?

We all had a great time here in Fukuoka, Japan.

大晦日(Omisoka : New Year’s Eve), we all got together around 6, and had a dinner while watching Kouhaku Utagassen.  (please check the link for more info about Kouhaku Utagassen )

Around 9pm, we prepared for Toshikoshi Soba . Usually, we eat Toshikoshi soba jsut before midnight and people wish one’s own long life by eating it.

However, we had to leave the house before 10:30pm for other plans.

What was our next plan?

Well, our plan was going to Temple before midnight and to Shrine after midnight in Dazaifu, Fukuoka. It’s cold outside, so we prepared well for the night!

What we do at Temple before midnight?

– To try “Joyano Kane”!!  At midnight, the temple bells are rung 108 times.  ( bells are rung 107 times before midnight and last one (108th) after midnight. ) Why 108? – There are some origins about it.  The most convincing one is that human are born with 108 worldly desires, and one worldly desires disappears with ringing one time. Why just last one after midnight?  – when the last bell was rung, we put our hope and prayer for “don’t let our new year mess by worldly desires”.

After trying “Joya no Kaze”, we walked to Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine. Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine is famous shrine for “the God of Wisdom” and many school students visit here to pray for passing exam and etc… By visiting shrine during New Year, wishes for the new year are made, new omamori (charms) are bought, and the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned.

So many people…

We bought Omickuji (random fortunes written on strips of paper) and we tied our omikuji at the place to make our wishes come through.

After this, we went to food stalls and had some night snack.

These were our New Year Event during Omisoka and Gantan. When we got home it was like around 4 am..