Day trip to Nagasaki!

We went to Nagasaki last Saturday.

Nagasaki is really interesting city.
The view is different from Fukuoka, and you can see the history there.

There are so many place to visit, and it was too short to see all of them.
We could just go 5 places and restaurant, and we had to rush for that.

Next time, maybe we should make it to 2days or 3days trip!

We used street car for transportation in the city.

Street Car

We visited

大浦天主堂(Tenshudo Temple, Nagasaki)

and Desima, Glover Garden, Atomic Bomb Museum, and epicenter of the Nagasaki atomic-bomb blast.

Everybody enjoyed beer at Restaurant after sight-seeing!!

going back to fukuoka...

Patto-chan, Thank you for coming see us!!


After Aso, I visited Nagasaki city.

First place we stopped was “Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum”.
An atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki at 11:02am on August 9,1945.
Many people remember Hiroshima for atomic bomb, but Nagasaki had it too.

We saw a lot of displays, pictures, and read stories…


Nagasaki HEIWA koen

If you have a chance to visit Nagasaki, please stop at this museum and learn about some history…

Nagasaki Peace Park.




Bunmeido no Kasutera〜♪