Cook your own dinner?!

Friday night, we had Japanese cooking lesson at WAHAHA.

The menu was Gyoza, Yaki-dofu, salad, onigiri, and etc…


Cutting onions…


Making gyoza…


Before eat… ” Itadakimasu”


We enjoyed cooking and eating together.

Do you want to join us next time?

We would have next cooking lesson on Oct.26th!

Happy Birthday Junko-sensei and WAHAHA!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Junko-sensei’s and WAHAHA’s birthday.

Message from Junko-sensei.

Thank you so much for your warm messages.
I will try to do my best to make my life full and enjoyable throughout this year!




year-end dinner party?!

This is about the dinner we had in 2011.

We all went to eat together at Izakaya near WAHAHA Japanese School. They serve quite good food and not that expensive. We all had a lot of food and drinks. This time I have no clue how many deserts we ordered.

Anyway, there is a menu that I want to introduce to you guys.

It’s ” Gobou stick”.

This is one of my favorite dish.  Gobou is burdock which is one of root vegetables we eat a lot here in Japan. Taste kind of sweet and interesting texture. You can find Gobou chips too.

Try it if you have a chance ne!

WAHAHA Christmas Party!!

We had Christmas party on Friday!

Many people joined us, and they brought delicious food!!

It was really great, we all had a great time!

How was yours?

Had a great time??

Hope you all did enjoy!!!

Dinner at School.

We had Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba dinner at school last Friday.

We all started preparing after our lesson.

Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba are really good home-party food.

You can enjoy conversation with your friend during preparing food.

First, we were just enjoying our food and drinks…

After some drinks, people started wearing wigs… wahaha costume party?!

We had so much fun! good food, good company and good laugh can’t be wrong, right?

More photos will be uploaded on our Facebook fan page!!