Cooking Lesson at WAHAHA Japanese School!

We all enjoyed cooking lesson after class on Friday.

This time, we learned how to clean a fish to make sashimi.

We even prepared “TSUMA” which is garnishing served with raw fish.


Haruna -sensei showed us how to do it first!

Then, our turn!!!




Everybody did a pretty good job!!

Well, it took time than we thought….though……

Other than Sashimi, we also cooked “grilled chicken with miso, onigiri, kinpira gobou,etc…”



It was really tasty!!!

Would you like to join our Cooking lesson next time?!


More photos are on WAHAHA fanpage!


BBQ party at Odo park.

We all had a good time there.

The weather was nice, food was good, and relaxing view.

WAHAHA students met many Japanese people and they were trying speaking Japanese with them!

That’s really good, right?!


Kesil san and Fei san were always grilling food! thanks ne!!


Nice smile 😉


Joyce joined us!  she was here for short visit, but we were happy to have her at this party!

There are more photos on our facebook page.  →

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Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki.

Before Golden week starts, we had Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki party at WAHAHA.

Cheap and Good food, right?!

Moritz cutting NEGI for Okonomiyaki.

Shizuno and Larissa mixing Okonomiyaki-ko and vegetables.

Getting prepared for Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki all together!

Getting ready to eat!

It was really good… after this, we forgot to take photos…. hahaha.

Some more photos are on our facebook page.

WAHAHA Christmas Party!!

We had Christmas party on Friday!

Many people joined us, and they brought delicious food!!

It was really great, we all had a great time!

How was yours?

Had a great time??

Hope you all did enjoy!!!