Announcing Wahaha’s private lesson campaign

Hi everyone! I hope you are not melted down by the heat and that you can enjoy your natsu yasumi!

And because Wahaha would not want you to forget about your Japanese, we have a special campaign: from August 15 to September 30, we offer private lessons for 2,750 yen an hour, with no enrollment fee, no minimum time and no obligations!

This offer is opened to everyone, university student, travelers, or people who could not leave their desks for the holidays. The only limitation is that you can only take up to 6 hours of lessons per week.

Contact us for more information and to reserve your time slot today!



Japanese card games and movie

We had movie/card game night on Friday with Japanese people.

We watched “My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ)” and played card called “Hanafuda”.

Have you played or seen Hanafuda before? (I am sure you would know if you like Japanese yakuza movie…they are using hanafuda for gambling…)

Hanafuda : There are 12 suits representing each months and also designated different flowers.


People play cards here (we say “play trump”) , but not that many people play hanafuda.  So there were Japanese people who don’t know how to play hanafuda and learned with WAHAHA students.

There are one interesting to know and watch… which was…. how to shuffle cards.


Japanese people and WAHAHA students had different way of shuffling cards.  interesting ne… so everybody tried shuffling card Japanese way.  We will try it together when you visit here!   We will have another event like this on Sep.14th (Fri).

After playing cards, we went to get something to eat and drink.

and then…..


enjoyed conversation!


Coocking Lesson at WAHAHA!

Last Friday, we had Japanese cooking lesson here at WAHAHA Japanese school.

We all had a good time and really good food.

Menu :

Tororo meshi (とろろ飯): grated Japanese yam with miso on the rice.

Nikumaki (肉巻き) grilled chicken roll with vegetables in it.

Nikuzume (肉詰め) grilled stuffed vegetables

Kiriboshidaikon (切干大根) : cooked thinly sliced daikon radish and other veges

Sald (サラダ)

Sashimi Konnyaku (刺身こんにゃく):Sashimi Konjac

Pickles (漬物) : Japanese pickles

We really had many dishes yo.

It’s fun to cook with other people and eat together.

We are having next cooking lesson on Jun.18th. Would you like to join?

Check photos here! :

Free trial lesson!!

FREE trial lesson at WAHAHA Japanese Language School!

We will offer 75min. group lesson for free!  Try out our Japanese lesson with experienced teachers. Only 6 students per class, maximum. We will divide lessons into 4 different levels, so please let us know your Japanese study background when you apply.

Date: June 9th (Sat), 2012

Time :

Absolute beginner class : 14:00 ~ 15:15

Beginner class : 14:00 ~ 15:15

Intermediate class : 16:00 ~ 17:15

Advanced class : 16:00 ~ 17:15

Please book your seat via email or phone call before June 4th (Mon).


phone : 092-737-2288

Cooking Lesson at WAHAHA

We had cooking lesson on Friday.

Do you like to cook? eat?

Well, with this photo, everybody making Onigiri.

Do you like Onigiri?

It is not that difficult to make, so please try it yourself when you have a chance.

Tamagoyaki is Japanese style omlet. Usually, our mom put Tamagoyaki in Bento.

To make Tamagoyaki, you need small square flying pan like this.

Using this, you can make good shape Tamagoyaki.

Not too difficult yo.

After cooking lesson, we enjoyed our food!