Students tried on Kimono!

They look good ne?!

Would you like to try on Kimono as well?

kimono 1

Jerry and Amy are wearing Uchikake.


They look so pretty ne.

and then…..


Went to watch SUMO!

We all went to watch Sumo last Thursday.

Well, it was quite interesting to watch sumo!!

We really enjoyed atmosphere, Sumo game, and Japanese culture.

There are 6 sumo tournament in a year. 3 times in Tokyo, one time each at Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. November, we can always watch sumo here in Fukuoka.

If you would like to watch sumo, come see it here in November!!


BBQ party at Odo park.

We all had a good time there.

The weather was nice, food was good, and relaxing view.

WAHAHA students met many Japanese people and they were trying speaking Japanese with them!

That’s really good, right?!


Kesil san and Fei san were always grilling food! thanks ne!!


Nice smile 😉


Joyce joined us!  she was here for short visit, but we were happy to have her at this party!

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Hakata Toumyou lantern art festival!

Last Saturday, we went to see Hakata toumyou lantern art festival.

It is a festival of lantern lighting up at the various area in Hakata. This year’s festival was bigger than before.  We could see lantern arts at many places like Kushida shrine, Touchouji, Shoutenji, Bayside place, and elementary school in Hakata.

We walked around Hakata area.


It was really pretty. We all enjoyed looking around temples and lantern arts. Yes, we could get in to the temple which is not open to public. That was cool.

Also, we could see people wearing kimono and geisha make-up parading on the street.


Would you like try on Kimono and make-up???

Dazaifu Day!

On Saturday, we went to Dazaifu.

Well, we visited many places and had a really good time.

At 9:10 am, we gathered at Tourist information and moved to Nishitetsu train station.

We all bought 1000yen dazaifu trip ticket which is including round trip transportation fee and Matcha & rice cake at cafe in Dazaifu. Also, it has many discount ticket for several museums in Dazaifu. So, it is really a good deal to buy it ne?!

After we got to Gojo station, we all went to supermarket to buy our lunch and drinks. Then walked to Kanzenonji and Kaidanin. There was an harvest ceremony at rice field near there.


and joined for making zenzai ( red bean soup with mochi).


Of course, we enjoyed zenzai!! After we had our zenzai, we took some photos there and moved to Ruins of Dazaifu-seicho.




YES!! Lunch time!! We had a nice picnic at Ruins of dazaifu-seicho. We had a lovely time there under nice sunshine and relaxed.

After relaxing, we all walked to Dazaifu shrine.

You can not miss going there if you are in Dazaifu, right?


I bought Omikuji there… and some other bought Omamori.

The shrine is famous for Study, so it’s good for us ne?

Near Dazaifu shrine,


we visited Komyozenji, the Japanese garden is really beautiful and really quiet there.



another relaxing time.

Before going back to Fukuoka, another relaxing time at the Cafe, had Umegaemochia and Matcha.