Useful Japanese Resources for Self-Study – Erin’s Challenge

Are you a beginner student of Japanese trying to self-study? When studying anything on your own, and particularly foreign languages, maintaining your motivation is key. Finding fun, interactive, engaging (while at the same time easily understandable for the autodidact) educational resources can really make all the difference. In my experience as a self-learner of Japanese, I myself found the Japan Foundation’s website Erin’s Challenge – I can Speak Japanese to be extremely helpful in the beginning stages of my studies as a self-taught learner.

The website follows the story of a British study abroad student named Erin as she learns how to navigate everyday life in Japan (and make friends!) in Japanese. It includes skits that simulate real life situations as well as grammar explanations and activities to reinforce the material introduced. It is engaging, interactive, easy to understand, and best of all, focused on practical, real-life Japanese that you can put into use when you come to Japan!

Check it out if you get the chance and feel like you need a break from that textbook!: